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SUPERx Medical Green

At SUPERx Medical Green, we focus on providing in-depth and personalized consultation from our board certified physicians. We are a small intimate practice, deeply committed to providing healthcare that reflects our belief in the freedom to choose safe effective organic medicine over expensive chemical based opioid (narcotic) pain medications. We focus on customizing treatment plans with attention to detail including optimizing dosing and delivery regimens. We file prescriptions electronically and work with dispensaries directly on our patients behalf.

During your consultation, a comprehensive medical history and physical exam will be performed. Medical records must be reviewed. (To expedite this process, please bring medical records with you to this visit). It is very important to us that our patients receive an individualized treatment plan together with the proper education, support, and medical care to get the most out of their cannabis journey. All of our clients will meet with and receive continued support from our board certified physician who will help them reach their wellness goals. 

We encourage frequent follow-up appointments to help ensure perfecting the dosing and delivery of your prescription. Routinely this will be scheduled every 140 days; we are of course available for any patients that require more frequent visits. 

We believe in the empowering impact of cannabis as medicine and are dedicated to connecting patients to medical cannabis treatments that could make real changes to their lives.
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